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Dr. A & Dr. V are two doctors on a mission to answer all of your burning questions, about burning sensations and all things science


Find out what Marmots, raw food, and the Plague have to do with each other....and how that relates to hot yoga (or does it?).

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The Dr's discuss vaccine exemptions....and why Dr. V didn't go into the Goop store in London!

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April 29, 2019

Episode 18: CocoNOT Oil

Dr. A and Dr. V are back from our hiatus to discuss Coconut Oil.....and eyebrow, skin and hair trends!

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April 1, 2019

Episode 17: The Honeypot

Dr. A and Dr. V take a look at vaginal steaming.


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April is STD Awareness Month.  Many of those who are infected don't know it.  Many sexually transmitted infections do not have any symptoms.  The only way to know for sure if you have an STD is to get tested.  We suggest getting tested at your Primary Care Physician's office, your local County STD clinic, or any Planned Parenthood Clinic.

Click here for Planned Parenthood Resources

Click here for more STD information

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Part 1 of 2: We have two special guests for this episode, to discuss their upbringing in the Assemblies of God Churches, and how it shaped their views of science and evolution.

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Fact: In 1963, you were 14,000 MORE likely to be infected with measles as you were in 2005.

Fact: Since 2005, when measles was effectively eradicated, the number of people infected and killed is again on the rise. Why? Vaccine fearmongering.

Fact: During these outbreaks, children: babies, kids undergoing chemo, ill babies- are far and away the most common victims. 

Fiction: Measles isn't a big deal. It only is if you're not the one dying.

Fact: It's not just about you, Darla.

That's in this episode of What the Woo.

need more about measles: CDC Measles Stats

Measles Outbreak in Phillippines Kills 136


Today's music credit: "Lights of Winter" by Borrtex

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Dr. V and Dr. A discuss attending BlogHerHealth, a summit for influencers in the women's health space. Who joined? And what did they bring to the table? In the big money world of social media influencers, the docs dish on good intentions, the demographics of the wellness crowd, and why you rarely see medical professionals leading the charge in the influencer space (hint: it's not because we don't want to!)

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If two recent deaths in the news have taught us anything, it's this: Rabies is still alive and well in the United States. How are people here still dying from this disease? Can it be prevented? In this episode Dr V and Dr A discuss the two cases, what went wrong, and how you can (easily) avoid being a statistic by knowing the facts about little furry zombies.


Music credits: https://www.purple-planet.com

More info about rabies in people and animals: https://www.cdc.gov/rabies/index.html

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January 23, 2019

Episode 11: The Woo-manizer

Dr. V and Dr. A talk about meeting ALL of a woman's needs!

If you are interested in getting the Womanizer for yourself, you can follow our affiliate links below or in the "Things We Love!!" section of our website

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