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February 20, 2019

Episode 14: Kids Are Dying Thanks to Woo: Measles Edition

Fact: In 1963, you were 14,000 MORE likely to be infected with measles as you were in 2005.

Fact: Since 2005, when measles was effectively eradicated, the number of people infected and killed is again on the rise. Why? Vaccine fearmongering.

Fact: During these outbreaks, children: babies, kids undergoing chemo, ill babies- are far and away the most common victims. 

Fiction: Measles isn't a big deal. It only is if you're not the one dying.

Fact: It's not just about you, Darla.

That's in this episode of What the Woo.

need more about measles: CDC Measles Stats

Measles Outbreak in Phillippines Kills 136


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